This Dress Rocks!



Did you get my punny title? Thank you, thank you.

I picked up this beauty from Crossroads Trading Company in Lincoln Park this afternoon. I had sold some items for a surprising amount and, since I needed a dress for a wedding next month, I took the store credit. Turns out I made the right decision! I adore the pattern, obviously. I’m a little obsessed with beautiful rocks. I recently lost my favorite assorted stone bracelet, so this was a bit of medicine for me. Now all I need are some amazing shoes to go with it (blue, grey, or brown leather?) and I’ll be all set for this shindig!

Speaking of, I’ve recently been told that I’m starting to enter the phase of my life where I will frequently attend weddings and start seeing my friends married off. I don’t know how I feel about this. I’ve already been in the wedding of my close friend, who was 19 at the time. It was an outdoor country-chic wedding, and although the Oklahoma sun was blistering, it was a beautiful ceremony. It will be interesting to see if my feelings change after attending several ceremonies. Any words of wisdom?

For now, though, I’m lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend to be my date and I’m still young enough to drink a decent amount without a terrifying hangover. I’m riding this wave of optimism to the end, man!