21 Day Challenge: Update

Alright, so I’m a couple days late on reporting this. Better late than never, eh?

  • Write something every day. This ended up going pretty well! I wrote various things, from letters to blog posts and even scribbling random thoughts down on the train. To be honest, there were a few days that I chose my bed over my laptop. Overall, though, I feel like I did well! Now I’ve got a platform on which to move onward and upward.
  • Study countries to teach English in. I did a bit of research, yes, but I think I’m trusting my gut on this one – Buenos Aires is the place for me. However, I did discover something odd in this process: in looking for a possible new place to live, I’m realizing how much I love Chicago. It truly is a beautiful, bustling, fun city with so many opportunities. I know that I will travel and live somewhere else one day, but it’s also nice to know that Chicago will forever be home.
  • Drink three bottles of water a day. I’d rate myself a 5 out of 10 on this one. Some days I was GREAT at drinking water. I was a hydration machine. Others, though, I’d go almost an entire day without having even a glass of actual water. What did help was thinking about my body as a machine. If part of it was malfunctioning, I’d drink some water. If I felt I needed a boost, I’d drink some water. Other days, I needed something more “fun”, and had some hot tea or put an Emergen-C packet in my glass of water. It’s definitely something I need to improve upon.
  • Walk two mornings a week. FAIL. I barely walked at all. I sort of have an excuse: at the pleadings of my mother, I went to the podiatrist for my heel pain. They told me (a) my feet pronate 50% more than normal (my joint comes 50% out of my socket whenever I take a step, (b) I need orthotics, and (c) I broke my left foot YEARS ago and didn’t even notice, which tells you how much pain I consider normal. Now I’m fully equipped, so I guess I can start using my feet again. What I really think I need is a walking buddy; someone to pull me out of bed in the morning to do it. Who’s in?
  • Only buy groceries on Sundays. Thumbs up! I stopped buying random ingredients for an unnecessarily complicated dinner. I planned my meals (not too intricately, so as not to restrict myself) and bought reasonably-sized and portioned ingredients. For example, if I needed spinach for something, I’d include a spinach salad or garlic spinach as a side for later in the week – otherwise 2/3 of a bag would rot in my fridge! It’s been a delicious experiment – I love cooking for myself; it’s so relaxing.

So, for the most part, it’s a success! A lot to improve on still, but isn’t that life in general? A series of improvements and changes and morphology? I’d like to think so.

This weekend my mom and I are heading to Michigan to visit my brother, Patrick, at Central Michigan University, and then trekking up to one of my favorite places in the world – Mackinac Island. Expect stories and photos next week!