Home Office Inspriation

I’ve been in desperate need of writing and creativity lately, and this poor little blog keeps getting abandoned. I want to spend more time with it, and with you – if you’re out there. So I’ve decided that I should try making a writing space that is more inviting and stylish.

I resigned my lease for another year in charming Lincoln Square, and couldn’t be happier. I love my studio. But there is a definite lack of space, and I do not have the luxury of an extra room, or even a corner, to designate as my office. So I’ve been using my kitchen table for a year. Not very inspiring right? “In her early years, Maureen would sit at her wobbly kitchen table and churned out her beautiful first novel.”


But, with the lack of space, this will have to do. And thus I have decided to work with what I’ve got, and use my creativity to turn this room into an office / eating area hybrid. I’ll be posting inspirational pieces on here as I go, and I’ll do a before-and-after once it’s finished!


This post on The Everygirl (a favorite of mine) about Juley Le (her blog is also a favorite of mine) and her life/career/office really kicked off this idea for me. I love a clean, fresh look with lots of natural light and metallic accents. Got any ideas? Send them my way!